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Sports Maintenance

Elevating your playing field.

At RS Global, our sports maintenance services go beyond keeping the turf green – we ensure every surface, whether synthetic or natural, stadium or field, is primed for peak performance. Our commitment to excellence extends to every inch, every goal post, and every blade of turf, making us the premier choice for comprehensive sports maintenance.

Synthetic Turf services

Our synthetic turf repair services are second to none. Whether it’s a minor patch or a more extensive fix, our expert teams address issues promptly, ensuring your artificial turf remains pristine and safe for play.

Precision is the key to longevity. Our testing procedures evaluate the integrity of your synthetic turf, identifying potential areas of concern before they become problems. Coupled with thorough cleaning, we ensure a playing surface that not only looks impeccable but also meets the highest safety standards.

Routine Field Maintenance

Artificial turf fields should be groomed every 100 hours of play. Make sure your field is safe and ready to play on this season with a routine artificial turf maintenance program. While your artificial athletic field is designed to last a very long time, sometimes things happen (think tire blow out). Rest easy and go back to coaching instead of messing with a busted hash mark or torn endzone letter. Leave it to our specialized technicians to do a full field assessment pre and post maintenance session to make sure there is nothing left behind.

Artificial Turf Field Disinfecting

Why disinfect your field? While we know coaches like to remind players to “leave it all on the field”, there are certain things that most certainly do NOT belong out there: vomit, blood, and dangerous microbes. Our seasoned technicians can disinfect your field by using an EPA approved anti-microbial solution that kills off 99.9% of  MRSA, COVID-19, HIV, E.Coli, Salmonella, and others. We especially recommend this treatment for indoor facilities, since stable indoor temperatures lend themselves to a hospitable environment for microbes.

Gmax Testing

It is important to GMAX test your field annually to make sure the surface is soft enough to play on safely.  A GMAX test can help pinpoint the problem areas and address what measures need to be done in order to create a surface that is safe for players.  By testing and treating the shock absorption of your field, programs can avoid liability issues, warranty issues, and (most importantly) avoid injury to players.

Clay Migration & Removal

Thanks to new technology in artificial turf, many baseball and softball programs are making the switch to artificial turf. Often though, they opt to keep the traditional clay mound. The upside to the clay is that their star pitcher just pitched a no hitter- but the downside is the amount of clay that was kicked around while he was going through his routine. Clay “migrates” from the top of the mound, caking the 1-2 feet of the turf along the edge. Our crews area able to remove and re-infill the turf without damaging the turf fibers.

Infill Replenishment

To keep your artificial turf field in pristine condition, it’s a good idea to check the depths of your infill regularly to ensure that the surface is perfectly level. Heavy rains and high foot traffic can displace the infill, which can create high and low spots in areas. Get our crews to help redistribute the infill to the proper depths to keep your field in prime condition. 

natural turf services

The foundation of a thriving natural turf field starts with the soil. Our comprehensive soil testing identifies nutrient levels, enabling us to create a tailored fertilization plan that enhances turf health and vitality.

We take natural turf care a step further with advanced fertigation techniques. By precisely infusing fertilizers into the irrigation system, we ensure your natural turf receives the nutrients it needs, promoting lush growth and resilience.

Natural Turf Soil Testing

Our soil testing service is the cornerstone of comprehensive turf care, delving deep into the earth to unravel the intricate nutrient composition that fuels the lushness and resilience of your playing surface.

Our process involves a meticulous examination of the soil, evaluating crucial factors such as nutrient levels, pH balance, and organic matter content. This thorough analysis allows us to decipher the unique needs of your turf, providing us with a blueprint for precision in the fertilization process. Armed with this knowledge, we can tailor a fertilization plan that goes beyond the generic, addressing the specific requirements of your natural turf. This approach ensures that your field receives precisely what it needs to thrive, creating a resilient foundation for sportsmanship and victory.

Optimization through fertigation

Taking natural turf care to new heights, RS Global introduces advanced fertigation techniques as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Fertigation is more than just a method; it’s a scientific approach to infusing life into your turf through the very veins of its irrigation system. Our experts employ a meticulous process, precisely infusing fertilizers into the irrigation network. This strategic delivery ensures that nutrients reach the grassroots, promoting not just growth but lush, vibrant health. The marriage of water and fertilizers becomes an orchestrated dance, allowing your natural turf to absorb essential elements in harmony. This precision in fertigation not only optimizes nutrient absorption but also conserves resources, creating a sustainable and efficient solution for maintaining a green, thriving playing field.

Stadium & Field Services

Our Stadium Maintenance services are meticulously crafted to ensure that every aspect of your stadium, from the netting that safeguards the crowd to the bleachers that offer comfort, reflects the pinnacle of safety and enjoyment.

Stadium & Field Grooming Programs



  • One (1) Professional Field and Turf Care Treatment each field
  • Pre and Post Field Inspection with written Field Maintenance Summary
  • Seam and Inlay Repairs, not to exceed repairs up to (20) linear sqft
  • Field Magnet Sweep
  • Light Infill added (up to 250 lbs.) to High Traffic Areas
  • G-max not included


  • One (1) Standard Care each field
  • One (1) Advanced Care each field
  • Pre and Post Field Inspection with written Field Maintenance Summary
  • Seam and Inlay Repairs, not to exceed repairs up to (20) linear sqft
  • Field Magnet Sweep
  • Light Infill added (up to 250 lbs.) to High Traffic Areas
  • G-max included


  • One (1) Standard Care each field
  • One (2) Advanced Care each field
  • Pre and Post Field Inspection with written Field Maintenance Summary
  • Seam and Inlay Repairs, not to exceed repairs up to (20) linear sqft
  • Field Magnet Sweep
  • Light Infill added (up to 250 lbs.) to High Traffic Areas
  • G-max included

At each visit, certified technicians execute these 5 procedures:

  1. Take multiple infill depth measurements to verify surface planarity.
  2. Make minor warranted seam and inlay repairs, not to exceed (8) repairs.
  3. Add light infill to high traffic areas.
  4. Power clean field perimeter.
  5. Provide a written pre and post-session field report.

Care Packages Explained


Standard Care provides the 4 basic services for debris removal, field decompaction and infill redistribution:

  • Sweep field for large debris.
  • De-compact field at appropriate depth for age of fiber and current field conditions
  • Brush in multi-directions with static brush to redistribute infill.
  • Re-sweep the field for fine debris


Advanced Care is ideal for aged surfaces and/or fields with heavy use. It provides deep grooming and fiber rejuvenation in these 5 steps:

  • Deep field de-compaction
  • Magnet sweep for metal debris
  • Rotary brushing to raise turf fibers and to deposit any contaminated infill into vibrating screen for debris collection.
  • Cleaned infill is then re-distributed back into the field using a weighted power brush and vacuum.
  • Vacuuming to remove fine dust and debris from field surface.


Custom Care is designed to fit your specific maintenance needs. This includes a combination of Standard Care and Advanced Care maintenance, along with the following services:

  • Anti-Microbial
  • Anti-Static
  • GMAX testing
  • Removal of clay migration
  • Infill top dressing and replenishment

Common Maintenance Areas for different sports

  • Football – hash marks, logos
  • Soccer – penalty kick areas
  • Baseball/softball – batters and catchers box replacement, base replacement, pitchers mound runway replacement, high traffic slide area runways.
  • Lacrosse – goalie crease


We’ve noticed in our 30 years in the business that customers tend to wait till something is broken rather then treating it like your truck or home and maintaining it.

With our maintenance program you can ensure that your playing surface is in excellent condition for your players to excel.

Turf Mileage Maintenance

We offer three levels of service based on the amount (mileage) of use your surface gets over the year.

We recommend grooming your field after every 100 hours of use. This is in addition to your own maintenance:

  • Raking – 4-6 weeks
  • Sweeping – 2 weeks
  • Aerating – as needed
  • Grooming –


Impact testing (commonly referred to as g-max testing) measures the shock-attenuation performance of sports surfaces.When a player falls, the impact is absorbed either by the playing surface or the player’s body. The “harder” the surface, the greater the amount of the impact absorbed by the player’s body. Thus, resulting in concussions or other injuries.

“Fields rarely become unsafe overnight, so testing once a year should provide adequate warning of emerging safety issues.”
– Sports Turf Solutions

GMAX testing your field once a year should provide adequate warning of emerging safety issues. Call us today to get your field tested. GMAX Testing or Impact Testing – measures the shock attenuation performance of sports surfaces.

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