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Sports Installation

Step onto the turf of excellence.

This isn’t just about laying turf; it’s about crafting arenas where champions are made, records are set, and the spirit of competition thrives.

In the world of sports, the arena is sacred ground. With 30 years of experience, RS Global stands as the pioneering force in the Southern United States, installing and maintaining sports fields that redefine the game. Approved partners of FieldTurf, we set the stage for over 100 athletic fields each year.

A sports field isn’t just a battleground; it’s a reflection of your team’s spirit and determination. At RS Global, we understand the weight every field carries for the schools and teams it serves. That’s why our FieldTurf installations are custom-made to suit your specific needs – from the lines and logos to the vibrant colors that echo your team’s identity.

Our commitment to excellence and core values of honesty, integrity, and discipline drive us to deliver the safest, most durable playing surfaces. Your home team deserves nothing less than a professional-grade field. Own it, protect it, defend it – because at RS Global, we’re dedicated to helping your team play like the pros.

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