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Residential maintenance


We at RS Global believe your home turf is not just a landscape but a canvas of meticulous rejuvenation, and our residential maintenance services reflect that belief. Our array of specialized services is tailored for your residential haven, offering a transformative experience that transcends conventional maintenance. We are committed to crafting a living space where every step is a celebration of the natural beauty that defines your home.

Residential Maintenance Services

Comprehensive Inspection: Before any maintenance services can be scheduled, our team conducts a thorough inspection of your space in order to recommend the best care package for your needs. Our seasoned technicians will conduct an on-site inspection to assess the condition of your turf. Whether it’s tucking edges, making minor adjustments, or addressing issues caused by normal erosion, our focus is on restoring your turf to its optimal state. We go beyond the surface, meticulously inspecting seams, edges and sub base for any damage. After the inspection, we offer 4 different turf care packages for you to choose from.

Care Packages


The Bronze Package provides basic debris removal services. This is brushing the turf fibers using a poly fiber power broom. Think of it like we are vacuuming the turf “carpet.”

Debris Removal: In brushing the fibers, our technicians take off pet hair, leaves, and seeds that fall into the sand or “infill” that holds the turf fibers up… By removing unwanted contaminants in the turf infill, we prevent seedlings from the seeds, nuts, or bird droppings that dropped in the infill, protecting the overall aesthetic of the turf field. Additionally, the turf can become hard over time if excess organic material builds up, and as such, a routine brushing helps prolong the elasticity and life-likeness of the fibers. Lastly, removing debris help keeps the integrity of the field’s draining system, as the turf will not drain properly if the top is “capped” or sealed with organic material. If necessary, we also perform a Magnet Sweep to eliminate metal contaminants (bobby pins, construction materials, etc)  that could impact the overall health of your turf. 

By ensuring a thorough, meticulous debris removal process, we set the stage for a vibrant, healthy, and safe lawn.


A step up from the Bronze Package, the Silver Package includes Debris Removal from the previous tier, and also includes turf flushing services.

Turf Flushing: After eliminating pet hair and ground-in waste during debris removal, our next step is to conduct a deep cleaning of the infill and turf – akin to a washing machine’s second rinse cycle. This ensures a comprehensive flush of contaminants, leaving your turf refreshed and vibrant, ready for the next chapter of use. Turf flushing is essential if you have pets, as it helps eliminate odors from urine and feces.


The Gold Package includes Debris Removal and Turf Flushing, with the addition of Envirofill Application services, specifically intended for additional odor treatment. The Gold Package provides top-notch care for your yard to keep it looking fresh and smelling clean.

Envirofill Application: In this service, we are “top dressing” a yard much like a greenskeeper would top dress a putting green. The purpose is to level the infill so there are no high or low spots and to make sure the infill is at the appropriate level so that the turf fibers do not fall down and lay matted over. The infill, usually sand, or in this case acrylic coated sand that has an anti-microbial spray on it, is used to help 1) weigh down the turf, 2) add cushion 3) filter water so that the puntured drainage holes in the back of the turf don’t get clogged. EnviroFill is a specialized infill that acts as a filter for ammonia smells from pet urine. We include an average of 100 lbs of new infill in our services, a testament to our commitment to quality and the value we bring to every service. Say goodbye to unwanted odors as EnviroFill becomes a guardian against new olfactory challenges.


For the high-achievers that want their yard at the best of the best. Our Platinum Package includes Debris RemovalTurf Flushing, and EnviroFill Application, with the addition of TurfProtect Application services. Think of TurfProtect as the final protective coat of wax that you apply to your car after a full detail.
TurfProtect: The BioS+ bacteria-fighting cleaner and deodorizer marks the final step in our meticulous process. We spray TurfProtect onto your yard with precision, ensuring that every layer of your turf system, down to the base layer, is infused with freshness. TurfProtect eliminates odors, pest, plastic, chemicals, aphid sap, mosquitos, staphylococcus, and parvovirus. Our formulated tablets organic, enzyme, non-toxic tablets are formulated for 400 sqft of turf area, and can be customized to your specific yard. By having a tablet and re-usable bottle, we eliminate the amount you pay in shipping and the amount of space in your storage closet or garage.
Your turf won’t just look clean; it will exude a refreshing scent, a signature touch that defines the RS Global commitment to excellence.

Turf Repair & Renewal

Repair & Renewal: From fixing low spots to replacing melted turf, restoring infill, and addressing lifted turf, our approach is as diverse as the issues we encounter. This service is offered on a case-by-case basis or a la carte style if needed. The restoration process is tailored based on the agreed-upon service, ensuring that your turf receives the precise care it needs for optimal performance. 

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