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Protect your investment.

We like to think of artificial turf maintenance like car maintenance. Sure there are things you can DIY, but every now and then it’s a good idea to to take your car in and let the pros make sure that there aren’t any little problems that could turn into big problems. It’s the same with artificial grass maintenance; scheduled care and grooming lets us apply our 30 years of experience to your field and helps you protect your investment.

We service artificial turf fields across Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Colorado. Our 3 decades of experience in installing and maintaining artificial athletic fields means that we’ve seen it all and are here to partner with you to increase the longevity and safety of your field.

Sports Maintenance

Artificial turf fields should be groomed every 100 hours of play. Make sure your field is safe and ready to play on this season with a routine artificial turf maintenance program.

Residential Maintenance

Bringing the technical expertise of professional turf maintenance to your private slice of paradise, we offer custom care packages specifically for more bite-sized projects like your backyard.

Running track Maintenance

Our running track maintenance program revitalizes and extends the life of your running track to create an optimal surface for safe running. By regularly performing running track maintenance, we can extend the life of your running track by years.

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