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Running Track Maintenance

Running Track Cleaning & Repairs to Extend the Life of Your Track

It’s not just the track team that uses your running track. Athletes of all stripes use this vital infrastructure to speed up their play and keep in top condition. While their strength and conditioning coaches help athletes shave seconds off their 40, we are here to help you shave years of wear off your track. Our running track maintenance program revitalizes and extends the life of your running track to create an optimal surface for safe running. 

Just like any major purchase, it pays to protect your investment. By regularly performing running track maintenance, we can extend the life of your running track by years. This helps programs extend their budget and practice good stewardship of resources. It also keeps athletes safe by maximizing cushioning, increasing traction, and clearing the surface of contaminants. 

We service running tracks across Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Colorado. Our almost 3 decades of experience in installing and maintaining athletic facilities and surfaces means that we’ve seen it all and are here to partner with you and build a relationship.


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We can help you create a plan to increase the longevity and safety of your track. 

Running Track Maintenance Services by RS Global

To ensure runner safety and track performance, we offer the following services: 

RS Global's running track cleaning program can restore the original color of your facility's track.
Running Track Cleaning

Pollen, dirt, mud, ice, and grass cuttings are just a small list of debris that can deteriorate the surface of your running track. Here in Texas, it seems we sometimes get all of these factors happening in the course of a week! Our state-of-the-art running track cleaning system cleans deep enough to revitalize the track while still being gentle enough to respect the existing striping and structural integrity of the running track.


RS Global's Running Track Restriping service can rejuvenate your athletic facilities
Running Track Restriping

Running track installation comes with a hefty price tag. While sometimes a replacement IS necessary, RS Global can help extend the life of your existing track with cosmetic updates such as restriping an existing running track. A deep clean (as noted above) will restore the track to its original color. Stripes that have faded or cracked due to UV rays are professionally repainted by our experienced crews and precise equipment. 

This running track is getting the works from RS Global: a deep track cleaning, running track repairs, drain clean out, and re-striping.
Running Track Repairs

Even with proper maintenance, age and heavy use can trigger situations in which a running track needs to be repaired. It’s easier to fix small issues before they grow into larger ones (cracks in the surface being a perfect example). Our trained specialists can diagnose issues and repair them which decreases overall cost and also gets your running track back to usability faster than a complete overhaul of your running track facilities. 

Running Track ACO Drain Clean Out

ACO drains are located throughout a stadium to ensure proper drainage. ACO drains are the first line of defense when it comes to floods and protecting your athletic facility from costly damage. The most important drain is located between the track and the synthetic turf field. ACO drains, if not properly maintained, can get filled with crumb rubber, dirt, and debris which can cause the drain to back up. If the rainwater has nowhere to drain off to then it will collect on the running track causing water stains. Additionally, clogged drains can cause the water to back up under the synthetic turf field which would lift the turf and cause wrinkles.  Using compressed air and hoses, our trained professionals are able to safely clean out the ACO drains giving you the peace of mind that your athletic facility can stand up to the toughest thunderstorm.




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We can help you create a plan to increase the longevity of your track.