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We have a huge selection of used artificial turf for sale. Used turf is the perfect way to keep costs down without sacrificing on the quality of product. Our used turf comes from upcycling gently used sports fields. Depending on the type of field that the turf was originally from, some used turf may have hashmarks, while some is all green. We are happy to pull a specific size and color piece for your used turf needs.


Used turf is available for pickup in our Dallas warehouse. We are happy to help you load and secure the turf for transport. Looking for used artificial turf in other parts of Texas? While we are based in the Dallas area, we do ship used turf and are happy to discuss shipping with you. 

Looking for a Specific Size?

We do custom sizes! Send us a message to get the ball rolling.


Using indoor turf for gym floors is a great way to protect your floor from weights and add to the athletic atmosphere. We also frequently have used turf with padded backing, making the perfect outdoor area to get your WOD on. Artificial turf is also the perfect flooring for your home gym or garage gym. 


Using artificial turf for your batting cages is a great way to help your players find their rhythm on a surface that replicates what they will be playing on. Our big selection of batting cage turf keeps costs down and helps refocus the budget into other parts of your program. 

Used Turf Rolls

Have a big project on your hands? We sell used turf by the roll (as well as by the square foot). This allows us to make sure that your big surface will be uniform and look professional and cohesive. If you prefer not to DIY your project, we are also able to re-install used turf using the same crews that install new artificial grass. 


No project is too big or small.