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Residential Turf

Backyard Synthetic Turf In Dallas

Looking to install artificial grass in your backyard? Then you’ve come to the right place. Why? Because it’s time to take back your weekends. Mowing is over. Fighting weeds is over. Trying to get your grass to grow in a shady patch is over. But you know what starts?  The minute that your turf backyard gets installed, you have won back the time to do what you really wanted to do all along: enjoy your yard. 


Our experienced team is here to shoot you straight on the ins and outs of installing artificial turf in your backyard. We are a family company, and our family is made up of babies, toddlers, big kids, and LOTS of dogs. We promise our honest assessment of your situation and to take your lifestyle and desired use into account when we recommend a specific type of turf or specific approach to basework. 

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Let our family’s 27 years of expertise build your family the ultimate backyard retreat. 


Backyard Turf & Landscape Turf

A synthetic turf backyard is one of the best investments you can make in your landscaping. The cost and effort associated with traditional grass backyards is amplified by North Texas’ hot and dry conditions and poor soil conditions. A turf yard dramatically lowers your water bill and saves money on lawn care. It also helps the environment by reducing water usage and the application of harmful pesticides and herbicides. Your yard is ready when you are ready to enjoy it…not after hours of lawn care. 



Pet turf installation is one of our specialties. After installing fields for almost 3 decades designed to withstand 300 pound guys running a ball up and down the field, we know a thing or two about durability (and playing). Assuming you’re not running a blitz in your spare time, we would guess that your dog is the real MVP of family play time. No matter how big or small your furry friend is, we can tailor the install to provide a safe, comfortable playing surface that is odor free, easy to clean, and can stand up to the largest of breeds. 

Patio Turf

Installing patio turf at your high rise or condo is an excellent way to maximize your living space. After loads of patio turf installations in Victory Park, Turtle Creek, and Uptown, we have carefully honed our best practices for installs. After comparing our work to some of the jobs that we have been called in to (ahem)…fix…we can honestly say that our craftsmanship and attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. 

Artificial Turf FAQs

Is artificial turf safe for my pets and kids?

Our artificial turf and the components we use to install are non-toxic and are safe for kids and pets. 

Can my dog pee on artificial turf?

Yes, your dog can absolutely use our pet friendly artificial turf for potty time. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure fast and efficient drainage of all liquids. We also build odor absorption and remediation into our basework to ensure that your turf yard smells like…well..nothing. 

How do I clean artificial turf?

To remove leaves, just hit your hard with a blower for a few minutes or go super eco-friendly and use a rake. For spills or accidents, a quick wash with a garden hose should do the trick. 

Does artificial turf get hot?

It can, depending on how and where it is installed. There are a number of different infill options and base constructions that are designed to keep turf cool. We keep this concern in mind when quoting our projects (we have kids and pets too!) and can suggest different ways to approach the install to minimize heat. 

How much would it cost to turf my patio or backyard?

There are several factors that go into pricing, such as size of the yard, type of turf installed, etc. Our price per square foot includes labor so there are no hidden costs of fees. By requesting a quote, we are able to give you an exact number with no surprises rather than a guesstimate. 


More time playing, less time mowing. Contact us to get your weekend back!