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Artificial Turf Maintenance

Protect Your Investment with Artificial Turf Maintenance Program

We like to think of artificial turf maintenance like car maintenance. Sure there are things you can DIY, but every now and then it’s a good idea to to take your car in and let the pros make sure that there aren’t any little problems that could turn into big problems. It’s the same with artificial grass maintenance; scheduled care and grooming lets us apply our 27 years of experience to your field and helps you protect your investment. 


We service artificial turf fields across Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Colorado. Our almost 3 decades of experience in installing and maintaining artificial athletic fields means that we’ve seen it all and are here to partner with you to increase the longevity and safety of your field. 


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We can help you create a plan to increase the longevity and safety of your field. 

Artificial Turf Maintenance Services

To ensure player safety and field performance, we offer the following services: 

Artificial Turf Maintenance performed by RS Global team member
Routine Field Maintenance

Artificial turf fields should be groomed every 100 hours of play. Make sure your field is safe and ready to play on this season with a routine artificial turf maintenance program. While your artificial athletic field is designed to last a very long time, sometimes things happen (think tire blow out). Rest easy and go back to coaching instead of messing with a busted hash mark or torn endzone letter. Leave it to our specialized technicians to do a full field assessment pre and post maintenance session to make sure there is nothing left behind. 


We offer artificial turf disinfectant as part of our artificial turf maintenance program
Artificial Turf Field Disinfecting

Why disinfect your field? While we know coaches like to remind players to “leave it all on the field”, there are certain things that most certainly do NOT belong out there: vomit, blood, and dangerous microbes. Our seasoned technicians can disinfect your field by using an EPA approved anti-microbial solution that kills off 99.9% of  MRSA, COVID-19, HIV, E.Coli, Salmonella, and others. We especially recommend this treatment for indoor facilities, since stable indoor temperatures lend themselves to a hospitable environment for microbes.

GMAX testing is offered as part of our Artificial Turf Maintenance program
GMAX Testing

It is important to GMAX test your field annually to make sure the surface is soft enough to play on safely.  A GMAX test can help pinpoint the problem areas and address what measures need to be done in order to create a surface that is safe for players.  By testing and treating the shock absorption of your field, programs can avoid liability issues, warranty issues, and (most importantly) avoid injury to players.  

Clay Migration removal is part of our artificial turf maintenance program

Thanks to new technology in artificial turf, many baseball and softball programs are making the switch to artificial turf. Often though, they opt to keep the traditional clay mound. The upside to the clay is that their star pitcher just pitched a no hitter- but the downside is the amount of clay that was kicked around while he was going through his routine. Clay “migrates” from the top of the mound, caking the 1-2 feet of the turf along the edge. Our crews area able to remove and re-infill the turf without damaging the turf fibers. 

Used Turf Clearance Section

To keep your artificial turf field in pristine condition, it’s a good idea to check the depths of your infill regularly to ensure that the surface is perfectly level. Heavy rains and high foot traffic can displace the infill, which can create high and low spots in areas. Get our crews to help redistribute the infill to the proper depths to keep your field in prime condition.

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We can help you create a plan to increase the longevity of your field.